ME Computer Science Syllabus 2nd Sem Reg-17 files

ME Computer Science Syllabus Anna University 2nd Sem Reg-17 PDF Files Download

Anna university defines the syllabus for students of different streams and different programs periodically. This post is related to the regulation 2017 ME Computer Science Syllabus for 2nd Semester. Usually, they change by four years in the name of the regulation. Since there are numerous changes in science day by day and developments in engineering, changing the syllabi for the students playing a vital role in students’ development.

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ME Computer Science Syllabus Files for Free

Here in the post, you can find the 2nd semester Anna University ME Computer Science Engineering syllabus PDF files. Computer Science Engineering is a course that integrates electronic engineering with computer science. Also, it provides a basic understanding of computer science, engineering concepts, and mathematical techniques. The subjects defined by Anna University make them Quality engineers out there. Since this is the second semester, Anna University has crafted the syllabi carefully. Those who are studying under Anna University affiliation can make use of it.

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CP5201 Network Design and Technologies Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5291 Security Practices Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5292 Internet of Things Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5293 Big Data Analytics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


CP5261 Data Analytics Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5281 Term Paper Writing and Seminar


IF5191 Advanced Databases Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5001 Principles of Programming Languages Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5071 Image Processing and Analysis Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5091 Web Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5092 Cloud Computing Technologies Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


MP5291 Real Time Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5093 Mobile and Pervasive Computing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5002 Parallel Programming Paradigms Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5094 Information Retrieval Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5072 Software Architectures and Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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