First Sem Computer Science Syllabus Reg-17

First Semester ME Computer Science Syllabus Anna University Reg-17 Files Download

The syllabus is one that acts as a guide to continue in the way of learning. Syllabi helps to make the preparation stronger and make an effective plan about the subject. This post deals with the syllabi announced by anna university for ME Computer Science Engineering. This Anna University syllabus is based on Regulation-2017, and useful for ME First Semester Computer Science students.

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ME Computer Science Syllabus Files from Anna University

Computer Science Engineering is a course that integrates electronic engineering with computer science. Also, it provides a basic understanding of computer science, engineering concepts, and mathematical techniques. Here in this post, you can find the Computer Science syllabus Regulation 2017 for the 1st Semester. Therefore, students studying under Anna University affiliated colleges can follow the syllabus for the exam preparation. All the first sem computer science subjects are available in pdf for free download.

Download PDF Files

The students can download the syllabus PDF files below. We team also provides you previous year University Questions, Syllabus for the Maximum number of departments, Question Bank, etc. Moreover, we do for Diploma courses and schooling students too.

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MA5160 Applied Probability and Statistics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5151 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5152 Advanced Computer Architecture Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5153 Operating System Internals Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5154 Advanced Software Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5191 Machine Learning Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


CP5161 Data Structures Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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