Anna University ME Computer Science Syllabus 3rd Sem Reg-17

ME 3rd Semester Computer Science Anna University Regulation 2017 Syllabus Download

We hope you are doing Masters in Computer Science Engineering at anna university. This post deals with the 3rd Semester Anna University ME Computer Science Syllabus announced in 2017 for students. This syllabus is based on the regulation 2017 pattern and only useful for the students studying at Anna University affiliated institutions.

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ME Computer Science Syllabus Files Download

 Here your students and staff can find the anna university syllabus for the ME Computer Science Engineering department 3rd semester. Computer Science Engineering is a course that integrates electronic engineering with computer science. Also, it provides a basic understanding of computer science, engineering concepts, and mathematical techniques. The subjects defined by Anna University make them Quality engineers out there. Since this is the 3rd semester, Anna University has crafted the syllabi carefully. Those who are studying under Anna University affiliation can make use of it.

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CP5003 Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5004 Language Technologies Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5095 Computer Vision Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5096 Speech Processing and Synthesis Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5005 Software Quality Assurance and Testing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


CP5006 Formal models of software systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5073 Embedded Software Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5074 Social Network Analysis Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5007 Bio-inspired Computing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5008 Compiler Optimization Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


CP5009 Data Visualization Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5010 Reconfigurable Computing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5097 Mobile Application Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5075 Bio Informatics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CP5076 Information Storage Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


CP5311 Project Work Phase – I Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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