EEE 6th Sem Reg-13 Syllabus

Anna University EEE 6th Sem Syllabus Reg-13 PDF Files Download

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The syllabus is one that acts as a directional map to continue in the way of learning. Syllabi helps to make the preparation stronger and make an effective plan about the subject. This post deals with the EEE Syllabus 6th Sem announced by anna university for Regulation 2013 students.

EEE Syllabus 6th Sem PDF Files from Anna University

The department of Electrical and Electronics deals with the study of design and application of equipment, devices, and systems. Also, it includes both physics and mathematics of electricity, electromagnetics, and electronics to both large scale and small scale to process information and transmit energy. That made the branch more popular. Here in this post, you can find the EEE syllabus reg-2013 for the 6th Semester. Therefore, students studying under Anna University affiliated colleges can follow the syllabus for the exam preparation.

Download Files for 6th Sem EEE Syllabus Here

The students can download the syllabus PDF files below. We the team provide you previous year University Questions, Syllabus for the Maximum number of departments, Question Bank, etc. Moreover, we do for Diploma courses and schooling students too.

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EC6651 Communication Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE6601 Solid State Drives Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE6602 Embedded Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE6603 Power System Operation and Control Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE6604 Design of Electrical Machines Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


EE6001 Visual Languages and Applications Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

IC6601 Advanced Control System Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE6002 Power System Transients Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE6003 Optimization Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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