What is FDP Program? Who are all Eligibile to participate?

What is FDP Program? Who Else can Join it?

FDP (Faculty Development Program), FDP program intends to provide assistance and training include financial assistance, knowledge, skill, and induction training to teachers. Unlike other training programs, FDP includes Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Hotel Management and catering technology, Architecture, Town planning, and Applied Arts and Crafts. As the name suggests this FDP program is only for the teachers or faculties in other words.

Eligibility to participate in FDP Course

AICTE FDP approved courses in the Institutions/ University Departments imparting technical education and are entitled to the grant.

The coordinator must be a full-time regular faculty with adequate experience in teaching and research with publications.

Maximum 5 proposals per institute per year including sanctioned, earlier but not completed, would be considered.

The applicant should have their age below 45 to join the course.

Duration of FDP Program

The proposed/approved FDP Course shall be conducted within six months from the date of receipt of an offer letter. The duration of the FDP shall be 2 weeks.

Categories of training  

  • Pedagogical training
  • Subject related training
  • Training related to moral values, ethics, Behavioural science, and attitude, etc.
  • Training on leadership and faculty development under UK India education research initiative.

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So, Can an MBA final student participate in FDP Program?

By seeing the guidelines framed by AICTE in India, the final year MBA student won’t able to join FDP Programme in India.