Anna University Reg-17 Aeronautical 7th Sem syllabus

Anna University Regulation 2017 Syllabus for Aeronautical Engineering 7th Sem PDF Download

The syllabus is a summary of topics that will be cover the entire portion of the subject. As the syllabus act as a path for the students to make their preparation stronger, Candidates who are preparing for the exams must first know the syllabi. Here is the syllabus for the Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus 2017 offered by Anna University for the 7th Semester. The syllabus is based on Regulation 2017 for the students who have started their BE course in the year 2017.

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Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus 2017 PDF Available

Here, you can find the syllabus for the 7th-semester Aeronautical department. The Department of Aeronautical Engineering deals with the study of the design and manufacture of aircraft. It also teaches the construction, operating, and testing of aircraft in detail to the students. That is the reason for the field to get admired by most of the students. Here we provide you the syllabus in PDF file format. Moreover, we are providing you the syllabi for each subject separately. Students who are pursuing their BE degree under Anna University affiliated colleges can make use of it. 

Download PDF Files for Free

Students can download the syllabus given in the link below. The team is here to guide the students for their better learning. We also offer question banks, university questions, and notes for various departments. Besides this, we do for schooling students too.

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GE8077 Total Quality Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8751 Avionics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

ME8093 Computational Fluid Dynamics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


AE8004 Helicopter Theory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8005 Aero Engine Maintenance and Repair Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8006 UAV Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8007 Aircraft Materials Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8008 Vibration and Elements of Aeroelasticity Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

GE8071 Disaster Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


AE8009 Airframe Maintenance and Repair Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8010 Fatigue and Fracture Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

PR8071 Lean Six Sigma Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

ME8097 Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

GE8072 Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

GE8074 Human Rights Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


OAI751 Agricultural Finance, Banking and Co-operation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OEE751 Basic Circuit Theory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OGI751 Climate Change and its Impact Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OCS751 Data Structures and Algorithms Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OML752 Electronic Materials Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OCE751 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OGI752 Fundamentals of Planetary Remote Sensing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OEN751 Green Building Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAI752 Integrated Water Resources Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OEI751 Introduction to Embedded Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OMF751 Lean Six Sigma Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAN751 Low Cost Automation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OMT751 MEMS and NEMS Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

ORO751 Nano Computing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OEC755 Photonic Networks Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OCH751 Process Modeling and Simulation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAT751 Production of Automotive Components Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIE751 Robotics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OML753 Selection of Materials Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OME753 Systems Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OML751 Testing of Materials Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAT752 Vehicle Styling and Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OTT751 Weaving Mechanisms Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OPR751 Basics in Manufacturing and Metal Cutting Process Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OPR752 Processing of Polymer and Composites Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OMV751 Marine Vehicles Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


AE8711 Aircraft Systems Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8712 Flight Integration Systems and Control Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8713 Aircraft Design Project – II Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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