Anna University Reg-17 Aeronautical Syllabus 5th Sem

Anna University Regulation 2017 syllabus for 5th Sem Aeronautical Engg Available Here

We hope you are doing Aeronautical engineering at Anna University. This post deals with Anna University Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus for the 5th semester. As the Syllabi helps to make the preparation stronger and make an effective plan about the subject, Students should know the syllabi first.

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Anna University Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus Files from Anna University

Here in this post, you can find the Aeronautical syllabus 2017 for the 5th Semester. Aeronautical Engineering deals with the study of the design and manufacture of aircraft. It also teaches the construction, operating, and testing of aircraft in detail to the students. That made the field Popular. We have provided you the syllabus in PDF file format. Therefore, students studying under Anna University affiliated colleges can follow the syllabus for the exam preparation.

Download PDF Files for Free

The students can download the Aeronautical syllabus in a PDF file in the links given below.  We also provide you previous year University Questions, Syllabus for the Maximum number of departments, Question Bank, etc. Moreover, we do for Diploma courses and schooling students too.


AE8501 Flight Dynamics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8502 Aircraft Structures – II Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8503 Aerodynamics – II Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8504 Propulsion – II Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8505 Control Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


AE8511 Aircraft Structures Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

AE8512 Propulsion Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

HS8581 Professional Communication Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


OCE551 Air Pollution and Control Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAT551 Automotive Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OBM551 Bio Chemistry Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIC551 Biomedical Instrumentation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIT552 Cloud Computing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIT551 Database Management Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OME551 Energy Conservation and Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAI551 Environment and Agriculture Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OPT551 Fibre Reinforced Plastics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OCE552 Geographic Information System Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OME553 Industrial Safety Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAT552 Internal Combustion Engines Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OML551 Introduction to Nanotechnology Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIM552 Lean Manufacturing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OBM552 Medical Physics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OML552 Microscopy Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAI552 Participatory Water Resources Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OCH552 Principles of Chemical Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OBT554 Principles of Food Preservation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OMF551 Product Design and Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAI553 Production Technology of Agricultural Machinery Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OAN551 Sensors and Transducers Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIC552 State Variable Analysis and Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OTL553 Telecommunication Network Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

OIM551 World Class Manufacturing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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