ECE 7th Sem Reg-13 Syllabus

Anna University 7th Sem Syllabus for ECE Regulation 2013 PDF Download

We hope you are doing Electronics and Communication engineering at anna university. This post deals with the syllabi Anna University announced in 2013 for B.E ECE students. This post deals with the ECE 7th Sem syllabus announced by anna university. This syllabus is for the reg-2013 students who have started engineering courses from April 2013.

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ECE 7th Sem Syllabus PDF Files for Free

The Department of ECE deals with the development of electronic circuits, equipment, and machines. Electronics and communication have interconnected everyone in so many ways. That is one of the reasons for the field to get admired by most of the students. Here you students and staff can find the anna university syllabus for the ECE department. This page contains the syllabus arranged in single PDF files without any clusters for an individual subject. You don’t need to look back anywhere once you tasted the quality of

Download individual PDF Files Here

The team is working on the purpose of guiding students towards their graduation. For the past eight years, we have collected and work on almost 10,000 files to support students studying under Anna university, DOTE, and Tamil Nadu schools. That made us unique because no other websites or services, having these numbers of files solely for the student’s education.


EC6701 RF and Microwave Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6702 Optical Communication and Networks Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6703 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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EC6004 Satellite Communication Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6005 Electronic Testing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6006 Avionics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CS6012 Soft Computing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

IT6005 Digital Image Processing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CS6013 Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


EC6007 Speech Processing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6008 Web Technology Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6009 Advanced Computer Architecture Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6010 Electronics Packaging Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6011 Electro Magnetic Interference and Compatibility Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


EC6012 CMOS Analog IC Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6013 Advanced Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6014 Cognitive Radio Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6015 Radar and Navigational Aids Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EC6016 Opto Electronic Devices Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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