Construction Engg 2nd Sem Syllabus

Anna University ME Construction Engineering & Management Syllabus Reg-17 Download

Anna university defines the syllabus for students of different streams and different programs periodically. Usually, they change by four years in the name of the regulation. And this post is related to the regulation 2017 Construction Engineering and Management syllabus for the 2nd semester.

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Construction Engineering & Management Syllabus Files for Free

 Here, you can find the syllabus for the 2nd-semester Construction Engineering department. Construction Engineering and Management is a Civil Engineering-related field that deals with the Practical aspects of projects such as planning, designing, and constructing infrastructures, environmental supervision, maintenance, safety, and shelter for the public. That is the reason for the field to get admired by most of the students. Here we provide you the syllabus in PDF file format. Moreover, we are providing you the syllabi for each subject separately.

Download Individual PDF Here

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CN5201 Advanced Construction Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5202 Contract Laws and Regulations Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5203 Computer Applications in Construction Engineering and Planning Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5204 Economics and Finance Management in Construction Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


CN5211 Advanced Construction Engineering and Computing Techniques Laboratory Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5212 Practical Training I (2 Weeks)

Professional Elective III & IV

CN5005 Design of Energy Efficient Buildings Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5006 Construction Project Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5007 Construction Personnel Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CN5008 Stress Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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