EEE 8th Sem Reg-17 Syllabus

Anna University EEE 8th Sem Syllabus Reg-17 PDF Free Download

Anna university defines the syllabus for students of different streams and different programs periodically. Usually, they change by four years in the name of the regulation. Since there are numerous changes in science day by day and developments in engineering, Changing the syllabi for the students playing a vital role in students’ development. And this post is related to the EEE 8th Sem Syllabus following Regulation-2017

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EEE Syllabus PDF files for 8th Sem Available for Free

Electrical and Electronics Engineering deals with the study of the functional application of electricity. Also, it explains the design and development of various components, circuits, electronic devices, the performance of the machine, power generation, etc.  That is one of the reasons for the field to get admired by most of the students. Here is the post attached to Regulation-2017 Anna University EEE Engineering Syllabus for 8th semester. Therefore, students studying under Anna university affiliation can make use of it.

 Download PDF Files for Free Here

 The specially crafted EEE Syllabus files are available here below to download in PDF format. Moreover, the students from Anna University can download their syllabus for all subjects Click here to download for Free. The students from Anna University can download Anna University Important Question banks by clicking here.

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EE8011 Flexible AC Transmission Systems Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8012 Soft Computing Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8013 Power Systems Dynamics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8014 SMPS and UPS Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8015 Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

GE8076 Professional Ethics in Engineering Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MG8591 Principles of Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


EE8016 Energy Management and Auditing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CS8391 Data Structures syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8017 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8018 Microcontroller Based System Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EE8019 Smart Grid Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

EI8073 Biomedical Instrumentation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

GE8073 Fundamentals of Nano Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

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