Anna University Reg-17 Manufacturing Engg Syllabus 2nd Sem

Anna University 3rd Semester ME Manufacturing Engineering Syllabus Reg-2017 Files Download

We hope you are doing Manufacturing Engineering at anna university. This post deals with the 3rd Semester ME Manufacturing Engg Syllabus announced by Anna University. This syllabus is based on the regulation 2017 pattern and only useful for the students studying at Anna University affiliated institutions.

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ME Manufacturing Engg Syllabus files for free

Here your students and staff can find the Manufacturing Engineering Syllabus Anna University of 3rd semester. Manufacturing engineering is considered to be a sub-discipline of industrial engineering/systems engineering and has very strong overlaps with mechanical engineering. It has a broad area that includes the design and development of products. It explains the development and creation of physical artifacts, production processes, and technology. That’s the reason for the field to get admired by the students. This page contains the syllabus arranged in single PDF files without any clusters for an individual subject. So, you don’t need to look back anywhere once you tasted the quality of

Download Files for Free

Further, the students from Anna University can check their own results, attendance, and exam schedule by visiting the Anna University Students login here. also developed an easier way to find your CGPA, just tap here and find your CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). We are also available on the Android Platform now, Install Our Binil’s App here.

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MF5074 Entrepreneurship Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


MF5012 Computer Aided Product Design Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5013 Process Planning and Cost Estimation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5014 Manufacturing Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5072 Research Methodology Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5015 Nanotechnology Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5016 Materials Testing and Characterization Techniques Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5017 Mechatronics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5073 Internet of Things for Manufacturing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

IL5091 Data Analytics Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CM5093 Manufacturing System Simulation Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

PD5091 Product Lifecycle Management Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

CM5091 Additive Manufacturing Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5018 Product Design and Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5074 Entrepreneurship Development Syllabus – DOWNLOAD

MF5075 Industrial Safety Syllabus – DOWNLOAD


MF5311 Project Work Phase I (Check Private Project Guidance Here)

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